Distilling petroleum is a complicated and expensive process involving a number of different production stages with different degrees of complexity, depending on the byproduct. In order to be competitive and efficient it is important that large petrochemical plants operate continuously to maximise production levels.

We understand that interruptions to production processes must be kept to a minimum and we have been providing equipment, components and monitoring tools to petrochemical companies for more than 25 years.

We have an international procurement team at our disposal that can swiftly and cost effectively source and ship any equipment you need to ensure continued production.

If products or components become obsolete, we will recommend alternatives and help with any installation issues you may have.

Most crude contains high levels of impurities that are damaging to processing equipment. They must be monitored regularly to avoid issues such as leakages, blockages or spillages that can be hazardous to the installation itself as well as the surrounding area.

We have extensive technical experience of equipment damage caused by corrosion. We have relationships with major manufacturers and we have an extensive range of corrosion monitoring equipment and measuring tools that allow you to deal with corrosion issues quickly and efficiently.

We can also supply you with waste disposal and monitoring equipment that satisfies current environmental legislation for the regions in which we operate.

Product types supplied include:

  • Pressure and temperature control
  • Valve flow control
  • Safety devices
  • Pumps
  • Lifting equipment
  • Material handling equipment

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