Oil and Gas - Darron oil tools

In order to be successful, drilling rigs must operate continuously to maximise production levels.

Our long-term experience of the oil and gas industry has meant that we can offer advice on the most appropriate components for different drilling requirements.

Our international procurement team can source equipment and components quickly and ship them to site using appropriate Incoterms and transport methods, so that repairs can be carried out quickly and downtime is kept to a minimum.

Darron Oil Tools are well known and respected in the oil and gas industries. All Darron oil tools and equipment are ISO 9001 accredited and, where appropriate, are manufactured in accordance with API specifications. The manufacturer also holds an API license.

Products we supply include:

Hole Openers - used to widen existing holes, for directional and horizontal drilling and for large borehole applications.

Darron Hole Openers are available with a choice of soft, medium/hard or hard cutter assemblies and in a range of different sizes, varying from 6” to 42” in diameter.

Roller reamers - used to widen or strengthen existing boreholes. They are designed to give maximum downhole rotating hours with minimum disruption. They are straightforward to assemble so product changeovers can be completed quickly.

Darron roller reamers are available with a choice of soft, medium/hard or hard cutter assemblies, and in a range of sizes from 6” – 26”.

Blade stabilisation equipment - blades are spiral milled in either left hand or right hand configurations from a wide open 150 degrees to tight 360 degrees coverage. All blades are fully heat treated to 285-341 Brinell hardness.

DB 20 non-magnetic products - used for horizontal and directional drilling activities and are designed not to disturb sensitive machine sensors.

Darron DB20 non-magnetic products are manufactured from non-magnetic Mn-Cr metals which, due to their chemical composition and special cold-working processes, are less susceptible to galling than Cr-Ni steels.

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