Oil and Gas - Coiled tubing

Coiled Tubing operations are increasingly replacing traditional wireline operations in the oil and gas industry because they are more durable, economical to install and offer greater flexibility in terms of potential uses.

If coiled tubing units are used correctly they can then be used to perform a wide range of oil and gas field operations, including: routine drilling, pumping and milling, as well as more complex reservoir and rock fracture processes.

How can we help?
We provide a comprehensive range of different sized, coiled tubing, varying from 1” to 3.25” in diameter, suitable for offshore, onshore and deepwater operations.

We also supply the different components needed to run a coiled tubing unit including:

  • Injector heads
  • Powered reels
  • Gripper blocks
  • Hydraulics

Our longstanding experience of the industries in which we operate means we understand the complexities involved with various coiled tubing operations. We also understand the impact different physical locations can have on your operation, such as rock formation, varying pressure levels or extreme temperatures.

We understand the trading restrictions of the different regions in which we operate with regards to maximum vehicle weights and trailer widths permitted.

We ensure your coiled tubing is transported in suitable metal or wooden reels on heavy duty export skids and that trailers have the capacity to transport your consignment. We also handle all paperwork and export documentation to facilitate a speedy delivery, so there is minimum disruption.

Maintenance and repair
We have extensive technical knowledge of the maintenance and repair work required in the oil and gas industry and we provide a wide range of maintenance and repair products including Clock Spring composite sleeves, Polymer coatings and anti-corrosion products.

Where appropriate, our products and components comply with the different industry standards including DOT, ASME and ANSI.

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