Oil and Gas - Chokes and super chokes

In order to be successful in the oil extraction industry, drilling and pumping operations must be able to quickly adapt to unexpected changes in oil flow and working conditions. Chokes and super chokes form an integral part of an operation’s overall safety procedure and they are used in conjunction with BOPs and other safety equipment to prevent potentially hazardous situations from occurring.

How can we help?
We have supplied an extensive range of chokes, including high pressure chokes, gate valves and MOV chokes to oil rigs, drilling rigs, artificial lift operations for more than 25 years.

All chokes we supply are available in many different sizes and we can customise equipment to meet your specific requirements.

We also supply an extensive range of spare parts for chokes, super chokes and associated control systems.

We have an international procurement team at our disposal that is able to swiftly and cost effectively source the equipment you need to ensure the safety of your operation is not compromised.

All our chokes and associated components comply with different safety and industry standards for the regions in which we operate.

Maintenance and repair
Apart from providing you with the necessary chokes and valves needed to manage varying oil flows, we can also assist with corrosion issues such as rust or scaling, which if left unchecked can result in leakages and ultimately compromise the safety of your entire operation.

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