In petroleum and petrochemical industries, corrosion caused by impurities such as high moisture levels, Carbon Dioxide (CO²), or Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S), is an ongoing problem. Leakages from rusty pipelines, blockages from scaling or paraffin build-ups, or spillages due to the failure of safety valves are not only expensive to resolve; they can be extremely hazardous to the environment.

The levels of impurities found in petroleum feedstocks and byproducts must be accurately measured in accordance with international testing standards before they can be sold on.

We have been providing measuring, monitoring and test equipment and associated maintenance components to corrosion monitoring laboratories for more than 25 years.

We have an international procurement team at our disposal that can swiftly and cost effectively source and ship any equipment you need to ensure your laboratory experiences minimum disruption.

If components become obsolete, we will recommend alternatives and help with any installation issues you may have.

If applicable, equipment supplied complies with accepted industry standards including ASTM, ISO and IP.

Product types supplied include:

  • Analysers
  • Measuring Apparatus
  • Heating / Cooling / Incubation Equipment
  • Glasswear
  • Centrifuges, Standards (Liquid & Gas)
  • Sampling Equipment
  • Non Destructional Testing (NDT)
  • Materials Analysis
  • Pressure Vessels
  • Oilwell cement testing
  • Retorts

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