About us - Expediting

The vast majority of equipment and components we supply to our customers is exported. It is therefore important that we not only ship the correct items but they must also be properly protected from accidental damage during transit.

We understand the pressures our clients face with regards to maintaining continuous production and we are fully aware that delays to shipments can have serious consequences. We have therefore developed our own shipment procedures that must be strictly adhered to by all our employees.

Incoming Goods Check
When we receive a consignment from a third-party supplier, we take a detailed written and photographic inventory to ensure all items are included. We also undertake a close visual examination of all items to make sure there are no obvious defects prior to repacking the goods for shipment to our customers.

This procedure ensures that we physically witness and catalogue every item and in doing so minimise the possibility of erroneous delivery.

All goods are prepared professionally for their intended mode of shipment, with all fragile parts adequately protected. Items for UK delivery are packed securely for road freight.

All export consignments are packed in robust wooden cases or crates. Individual items are packed in accordance with our company procedures that have been developed as a result of our experience of shipping goods to customers located in different geographical regions over the last twenty five years.

We have designed our own exports crates, which comprise of easily removable tops and sides to allow detailed inspection of their contents without needing to remove them or damaging the crate.

Item Tagging
At least one of each line item is identified with a tear proof tag or sticker showing customer order references, description and part numbers in order to assist with the identification of items within the consignment.

Items susceptible to corrosion are protected with corrosion inhibiting coatings for the convenience of customers needing to put the goods into storage. Wooden cases and crates are also fully weatherproof and lined in order to protect goods from the outside elements during transit.