About us

Contractors Machinery was founded in 1983 and historically we provided equipment and components to civil engineering and mining organisations. Over the years we have built up a solid reputation for reliability and quality of service.

We now specialise in supplying equipment, components and maintenance products to oil, gas, petrochemical, energy and water industries.

We have an established customer base in a number of different territories including the Middle East, North Africa, Nigeria, Kazakhstan and the Far East.

We work with a wide variety of different industries including drilling companies, oilfields, refineries chemical companies, power stations and water purifying companies.

Our ethos is not only to supply components and equipment at the best possible price, but also to provide excellent quality of service to our customers, who often require flexible, tailor-made solutions.

We specialise in bridging the gap between the manufacturer and the client, focussing on sourcing equipment best suited to specific requirements.

Our head offices are located in Cambridge, UK and we have branch offices in Belgium, Dubai, Germany and the USA.

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