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Contractors Machinery specialises in supplying a comprehensive range of equipment, components, spare parts, maintenance, service and testing equipment to oil, gas, petrochemical, power and water companies.

We have an established customer base, located in a number of different regions including the Middle East, North Africa, Russia and Caucasia /Asia Minor.

We have in-depth experience of the industries in which we operate and we understand the economical and environmental challenges they face. We are able to quickly and cost-effectively source high quality equipment suitable for offshore, onshore and deep water installations, floating rigs, or installations exposed to extreme physical conditions, such as intense heat or cold.

Our experienced procurement teams will source the equipment you need, select appropriate transportation methods, arrange all crating and manage all your export documentation to ensure swift customs clearance so your goods are delivered to meet your deadlines.

We supply equipment and components to many different industries, including: oilfields, gas fields, drilling rigs, refineries, water purifying plants, petrochemical companies, corrosion monitoring laboratories, power stations and other heavy industries.